Copure® QuEChERS Extraction Kits, 6 g MgSO4, 1.5 g NaOAc, 50mL racked tubes, box of 50 kits


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The Biocomma Copure® QuEChERS Extraction Kits are an excellent alternative to the Agilent Part Number 5982-5755 and Restek 25851!
Use Biocomma Copure® QuEChERS Extraction Kits to prepare complex sample matrices such as fruits and vegetables for LC-MS or GC-MS analysis for pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, and toxins using the AOAC 2007.01 Method! Our QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe) kits contain pre-packaged, ready-weighed salts, and sorbents designed to streamline your workflow, provide excellent recoveries for a wide variety of analytes, minimize the potential for error, save time and money, and deliver high-quality, reproducible results!
Biocomma Copure® QuEChERS AOAC 2007.01 Method Extraction Kits make sample preparation straight-forward and efficient. With our QuEChERS kits, you can confidently perform extractions and analyze fruit and vegetable samples for pesticide residues and other contaminants!
Copure® QuEChERS Extraction Kits include extraction pouches and 50 mL
centrifuge tubes.
The pouches contain anhydrous extraction salts. Among the mixture, MgSO4
is responsible for removing water from samples, while other components are
responsible for maintaining appropriate pH to ensure the recoveries of alkaline
sensitive pesticides.
Directly adding water-abundant samples into tubes containing extraction salts may
cause local overheating which compromise the resulting recoveries. To avoid such
situations, Biocomma provides separate extraction salt pouches so that the operator
can add extraction salts after the addition of organic solvents.


● The salts are sealed in aluminum foil bags to avoid leakage.
● The compositions are printed on the bag for handy choice. The easy-tear package
is very convenient for use.
6 g MgSO4
1.5 g NaOAc
Comparable (technically...Copure® is 100% better) to the Agilent 5982-5755 and Restek 25851.