How is your pricing so good?

Glad you asked! Everything we sell is guaranteed to be TOP-NOTCH quality (did you see our 30-day guarantee yet?), and here are a few ways we get some of the BEST pricing on the market:

1. We source a lot of our products directly from the manufacturers; we cut out the middleman (or middlemen, in many cases)

2. We ONLY sell in BULK. 

3. We keep our overhead low, while still not compromising on our level of Ritz-Carlton style service


Oh, and did we mention that we give the BEST customer service in the industry as well? It's not always about the price you see, rather everyone must consider the "hidden costs" of time wasted wondering "where's my order?!", using slow and inefficient search engines to find products that work only some of the time, and waiting HOURS to get a response from a different vendor...but we do still have great pricing ;-)